Core drilling Hire

  • For drilling in concrete
  • Depth of up to 430mm

Ferroscan Hire

  • Concrete scannerS FOR REBARS

Compressor Hire

  • Demolition services & LIGHT DEMOLITION SERVICE

Transpointer Hire


Unique slope adapter shows start or exit point of drilling at any drilling angle

Position point can be transposed through floors, ceiling and walls – allowing any drilling work to be carried out quickly and efficiently

User-friendly direction indicators for easy operation

Measures wall thickness automatically – saving time by skipping trial-and-error pilot drilling



Transferring the starting point for drilling through-holes to the other side

Wall and ceiling thickness measurement for easy selection of the proper drill or core bit

Determine drill bit exit position and transfer drilling positions when drilling through walls and ceilings in concrete and masonry

Schmidt Hammer Hire

  • Concrete tests

Magnetic BASE DrillS Hire

  • steel drilling -STEEL DRILLING UP TO 42 MM

Chemical Injection


Rock Drilling


Concrete Drilling


Rock Wedge Hire

Pull out Test Hire

  • Anchor testing, elevator hook test
  • Anchor pull out strength
  • Determine the failure load of anchor or verification of
  • supporting resistance of anchorage – by loading tests
  • (stress test )
  • ◾ Tests carried out with perfectly calibrated test
  • equipment and by competent and trained personnel.
  • ◾ Check the structural strength of the anchoring system
  • or base material
  • ◾ The report is specific to the test carried out

Pull out Test Anchor