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    The pull-out tester consists of hand pump, hydraulic cylinder, integrated intelligent digital pressure gauge, HP hose, etc. LR-10T/20T/30T hand pump is a single plunger pump. LR-50T/60T/100T hand pump is HP/LP double plunger

    pump. The pump, which is largely made of precision forged steel, can be efficiently operated at high pressure for a long life. The integrated intelligent digital pressure gauge adopts the high impedance military-level sensor, featuring

    a high level of accuracy. The integrated casing is delicately designed for easy carry, direct reading, and peak holding. For proper operation, it only requires a quick adaptor for connection between the hand pump and hydraulic cylinder.

    These testers are compact in structure and easy to carry. The hand pump may also be used to drive the general-purpose low flow HP fluid.


    • Integrated digital pressure gauge
    • Large segment LCD
    • Liquid crystal blue-ray lighting
    • Peak holding
    • Data storage
    • Overloading protection assuring safe operation.

    Applicable standards:

    GB 50367-2013 Code for Design of Strengthening Concrete Structure

    GJ 145-2013 Technical Specification for Post-installed Fastenings in

    Concrete Structures

    GB 50203-2011 Code for Acceptance of Constructional Quality of



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